Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grow Wings Review and Giveaway

I'm so excited to announce my first giveaway! I recently wrote about Sleepy Wings and how they helped us transition from swaddling.

A couple weeks ago, Shae, the inventor of Sleepy Wings, sent me a couple of Grow Wings to try out, (please note: * all opinions are my own). We were definetly ready to move Charlie from Sleepy Wings to Grow Wings.

I liked that Grow Wings can be warn right side up or upside down. It doesn't make a difference which arm you want to leave as the wing side. We first tried Charlie's right arm in the mitten sleeve because he is right handed and we thought it would be easier for him to grab his dummy (pacifier).

However, Charlie loves to sleep on his left side so after a couple days and nights we decided it would be better if his left hand were free so we just turned the Grow Wing the other way. We also suspect that his right hand was a little too busy pulling out the dummy to play with it instead of going off to sleep. It was also great that the one size it accommodated his large 13kg sized body.

From a bonding mother's point of view I've really enjoyed being able to hold my baby's hand when he needs settling. He's always been swaddled so there is something very sweet about those little baby fingers wrapping around mine.
Another feature we really liked about them was that you can cover your baby's hand up the fold back mitten. The nights are a lot colder now so it was a great option for the other night when it got down to 8 degrees celsius. Charlie is still able to grab his dummy with the mitten over his hand too (as shown in the photo)

His left hand does seem busy pulling out the dummy but he is less dexterous with it than his right and can't be as busy. I think it may only take another few weeks before we are able to go whole hog (as the Aussies say) and take the Grow Wings away completely.

They have been a great transition. I don't think Charlie would have coped very well having both hands free to be his busy self with had we gone directly from swaddling to free baby.

You want to try them now, don't you? Or maybe you know an expecting or new mum who would love to get them as a gift. Well, here is your opportunity to win some.

Enter this competition and you could win an awesome combo pack. Inside you would find:

1 x white Sleepy Wings (choice of size)
1 x green edge Grow Wing (one size only)
(Prize pack valued at $50.00 - including tax and postage within Australia)

** Sorry - This competition is open to Australian residents only. **

This competition is now closed.

And the winner is … 
Amy Smith

*All valid entries were taken into consideration by my husband, the judge, who had the comments read out to him with out names. 


  1. I would love to win the combo pack because my bub is starting to get very active at night and should be sleeping. Plus keep her hands warmer!

  2. Gimme gimme I wanna win & give it to my sis who's having a baby in August.

  3. How awesome would my gorgeous little granddaughter feel all snuggly and loved in the sleepy and grow wings. So cute. :)

  4. These look awesome perfect for staying warm and feeling safe

  5. Would you mind letting me know how the commenting process worked for you? I have readers who tell me they can't leave comments. What process worked for you?

  6. Would you mind letting me know how the commenting process worked for you? I have readers who tell me they can't leave comments. What process worked for you, Belinda? Thank you!

  7. So I had to join a gmail account.
    Nothing like dressing your baby up in mythical creature outfits. Im all for joining the wing trend :)

  8. First time mum to be due in nov need all the help I can get!!

  9. Hi my lil guy loves his sleepy wings they are awesome and we need sone more!