Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My EASY Red Curry & Coconut Pumpkin Soup w/ Roti

Yesterday I had two big dudes to feed. It was pouring rain and my husband and his brother were busy painting our new bedroom. I had a big Kent pumpkin in the fridge, a jar of red curry paste, and a can of coconut milk so I came up with the below recipe for a big pot of yummy soup. I should also mention that I hated pumpkin soup the first timeI had it, because it was so bland. There was nothing in it but water and pumpkin, I'm sure. This recipe definetly spices up the old take on pumpkin soup.

Michael cleaning paintbrushes as I wait at the dry table, which is only dry because it was covered by a tarp. My dining room table is covered in renovation stuff. 

My friend in Nashville asked me to post this recipe after seeing the instagram photo I took. Sorry, there's only a couple photos because I had no plans to post this until she asked. Hi Kathryn!!

3/4 Peeled and chopped Kent Pumpkin (*you can use another type if you want or add some sweet potato too)
4-5 cups of chicken or vegetive stock (depending on how thick you like your soup). I used chicken stock.
4 Tablespoons of Red Curry paste ( - Use 3 Tablespoons if you don't like much spicy hotness)
1 large onion
3 cloves of chopped garlic
1 and 1/2 Tablespoons of freshly chopped ginger
1 stick of lemongrass (or you can use lime zest)
1 can of coconut milk
1 tablespoon of coconut oil
chopped coriander (Aka: Cilantro) on top when served

Let's get it on:

After you have chopped the pumpkin, garlic, ginger and lemon grass, put the chicken stock on to boil. Once it's boiling add the pumpkin to the stock to cook until just tender (a knife can slide through), then turn off heat.
Put the coconut oil on medium-high heat and wait until it's hot to add the onion. Sweat off the onion and stir until translucent then add the garlic, ginger, lemongrass and curry paste. Stir for 1-2 minutes. Turn off heat.
Add onion and other ingredients to cooked pumpkin and chicken stock, blend with a stick blender until smooth. Be careful not to burn yourself and keep the blender well beneath the liquid so none splashes up on you.
Turn the heat on medium and add the coconut milk. Heat all the way through and stir so that the milk does not curdle.
I served this soup with pre-made roti that I bought from the frozen section of my little Asian grocery store. It keeps in the freezer and they are wrapped individually so you can heat up as many as you need in just minutes.
Top with Coriander and Enjoy
My husband was making a weird eating face so I cut off his head in the photo.

Friday, August 22, 2014

My dream bedroom for our little cottage

My dream bedroom for our little cottage

Featuring a Gideon Lamp, $515 / Muuto plastic lamp shade, $855 /Aura Home  - Diamond Rug, $370 / Aura Home Quilt cover, $130 / Cactus Print II by Furbishstudio.com $34 /Domayne Dresser, $1899 / Domayne Bedside Table $649 / CB2 Storage Bench, $535 / Aura Home - Throw, $140 / Cushions | Country Road Online - Berta Cushion, $75, / Dulux Enterprise paint 

Right now I'm having my bedroom renovated, and it's made me dream about what I'd love my new bedroom to look like if money were no object. So I went on a little window internet shopping trip for fun and put together this room. Kind of makes me think of Arizona a little, the bright sunshine, the cactus, and diamond shapes. We live in a cute little two bedroom, one study - old cottage, with a few art deco features. My real bedroom is smallish for a master bedroom so this isn't my all time dream bedroom, just the dream bedroom for my current home. It was very fun to dream this up, and we really are using that paint colour in our bedroom! 

I LOVE choosing Duvet / Quilt covers. In my fantasy-land, I'd get to have a new quilt cover every 6 months. HA! They really take centre stage in a bedroom because your bed is the biggest thing in there (duh). I've chosen bedding, a blanket and a rug from Aura Home  because I love Tracie Ellis' unique, eye popping designs, with great colours and shapes. Super cute and make you go WOW!
My friend, Karen, over at Yellow Dandy chose a great quilt cover from Aura Home for the master bedroom in her new home. I love that one too. She's just opened a new shop online, with great interior design ideas for kid's rooms. That girl has taste.

What's your dream bedroom? Have you dared to have one or does it just feel too unrealistic? I know the feeling, even having insulation go into our new walls yesterday felt unreal. But it is happening NOW!

Stay plugged in to PKM for when I get photos of my new bedroom up!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

John Safran vs My Baby

11.02am: I'm currently sitting trapped inside my car, out the front of my mother in laws house. We drove over here so my baby boy could nap in her quiet house as there are renovations happening in mine. I can't leave baby by himself; he's fallen asleep on the way over here. I can't move him because he will wake up. The thing is I'm not 'this' mum, usually. Usually I am not the mum trapped in her car whilst her baby has a nap.  Usually my son naps in his bed ONLY. When we drive the 40 minutes home from my inlaws after having dinner there he fights sleep. Even with a dummy (pacifier) in his mouth and even with Sting or The Police baby music playing - HE WILL NOT SLEEP IN THE CAR. But right now he is?
11.11am: I'm not really minding too much actually. My new car has heated seats, and other luxury features. I could start to list all the nice things about this new car while I wait for my sleeping baby to nap. Who has time for that? Unless you are particularly interested in which vehicle we chose, ya know, based on how our butts would stay warm, or how our pram would fit in the boot (translation for N. American friends is stroller in the trunk), and how I can now park like such a champion because of my innovative reversing camera; so much so that I have gotten out of this car before and had a man comment on how incredible it was that I was able to get my SUV parallel parked in THAT spot. I felt pride, then I felt guilty and had to cough up the fact that my new car has one of those fancy new do-das that help space-challenged women like me. FYI: It's a 2013 Honda CRV. We bought it in December. Which means for one month I was super cool because I had a car made in that same year. What can I say, I'm bringing sexy back. Below are shots of me last weekend. 

Speaking of bringing sexy back. What's up with that new TV show - Bringing Sexy Back? Fat people getting makeovers. I'm not being very PC in this post, but I'm also overweight so who cares. But really people - I haven't seen one skinny person getting a makeover on there. I also haven't seen one episode. I'm just going off what I see on the ads for it. Do they actually make people lose weight on that show? Or do they just give them proper fitting clothes, new make-up and hair? Now you want to watch. Ack! Why do we love before and afters? The fat made beautiful again and the ugly made presentable to the rest of society. [Stay tuned for a future post on my bedroom renovation - because we love before and afters, right].
Honda Photo Credits
11.25am: Baby still sleeping. The breathing is getting heavier. 
I have been playing my favourite podcast on the drive over here. I'm sure the voices are soothing for baby and that if I turn it off (because I'm writing)  he will wake-up. So of course that means I'm missing the show while I write. What a dilemma. Ha. The podcast is Sunday Night Safran on Triple J - John Safran and Father Bob Maguire are the hosts. Two hours of smart and interesting conversation, interviews and intelligent topics. 
Father Bob and John Safran  - Photo Credit
For example, John just mentioned that he went to a wedding and that the celebrant is required by law to say "marriage" means the union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others. I didn't know that. Even if your marriage happens in a field of cows and daisies it has to be said. Even if your parents are lesbians and your best friends are gay and it will make everyone uncomfortable. Yes, it makes for a very awkward moment at the ceremony …
Photo Credit 
11.36am: Now they (John and Bob) are talking about Islamic fashion. I definitely have podcast crush on them. I am amazed that even though this particular series was recorded in 2011 it's still relevant now. 
When my husband and I were in Melbourne we were able to go to Father Bob's church, and witness his mass. BEST MASS EVER!!! We are huge nerds. After the service, we knocked on his door and brought him chocolates (yes, the very same that John brought him in the Documentary John Safran vs God). We also acquired his autograph. He took off right after mass which is why we had to stalk him to his home, next door. I know. Creepy right. Coolpriest.com. I don't know if anyone owns that domain but Father Bob should because I'm pretty sure there's never been a cooler priest and I'm not even catholic. Well I am but only by association. Only because I married one.
Dave (doing Mo-vember) and Father Bob and ME - November 2009
11.45am: Oh dear, I think I just discovered dried booger on my head. My shirt has spots of food on it, and my head, up until now (and unbeknownst to me) had booger on it in public, and I am sitting in my car so my baby can have his nap. Sometimes it really hits me how much my life has changed. Nah, I had dried booger on my head before having a baby, I'm sure. Ha! 

3.13pm: A few hours later Charlie has fallen asleep again in the car so I am sitting and waiting. I think in future I'm chucking out the Sting Baby music and will instead only play the soothing voices of the Sunday Night Safran podcast. I herby fully endorse their podcast as baby soothing appropriate.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekend Photo Safari

I've been trying to juggle my one year old, my love of blogging, and the Blog With Pip Course I'm currently doing. It's tough to find the time to do those last two because my little guy comes first. One of the assignments we have been given in our course is to do a photo safari. I love taking photos on my proper camera, not just my iPhone. I haven't done it in awhile. This assignment was a fun challenge because it bundled my one year old, photography and my blog, and getting an assignment done all in one.
 We headed out to bar beach for a family picnic. Charlie took off on me while I was eating so I got my long range lens out to capture him in the clover.

 Another shot I captured from far away of Charlie approaching a friendly dog.

 I love these beach flowers! This busy bee had a very large amount of pollen on it's belly.

These two had so much fun together chasing seagulls. They completely exhausted themselves.

We then went for a walk and I caught this surfer

 My little guy finishing his dinner, and NO he is not supposed to be standing in his highchair. Please note his first painting is framed above him.

The joys of living on a main road, fast cars. You can't tell but the moon was actually amazing and full when I took this after dusk. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Goodbye Long Hair + Sirocco Cut GIVEAWAY

I've been growing my hair out for about 9 years! I finally told my friend Leanne, (the PROUD new owner of Sirocco Hair), that I thought I was up for a big change and she was over the moon. The truth came out on how she really felt about my day to day ponytail style, and we had a really good laugh about it. I've known her for years and she has primarily just seen the same old style. She did help me go red a couple years ago though, proving I can change! HA! So last week I headed over to her salon and went for a short, concave style. She's a real master! She's particularly great at cutting my naturally curly thick locks. Have a look through the pictures. She styled the end results in two different ways.
Funny Side Story: I love a good prank. When David came home from work that night, in the dark, he reached into the mailbox only to pull back in shock and terror. He had just laid his hand on my chopped off ponytail. It completely freaked him out.
 All done! I love it. I've styled it on my own since then and I think I did alright. I am really surprised by the minimal upkeep. I thought that with my wild hair it might sit funny when I style it because I don't blow dry hair like Leanne but it's all good.

                        We went back a few days later and Charlie had his first hair cut!
His hair cut started off fine, but after about 3 minutes Charlie got a bit fussy. Leanne was FANTASTIC with him. She managed his sudden movements with so much ease, and she was great at distracting and being playful with him. She's such a natural with kids, and it probably helps she has a couple of her own. I tried to help distract him by making udders. Obviously, I was really successful. Bahaha!

Are you ready for a change? Sirocco Hairlocated in Newcastle - NSW, is offering you the chance to win a Shampoo, Blow dry and Restyle (valued at $75.00).

1. Tell us why you are ready for a change of hair style (*doesn't have to be as drastic as mine) in the blog comments below or leave a comment on the Sirocco Hair post that's on the Peachy Keen Mumma Facebook page
2. AND click on the rafflecopter competition box below to register that you entered and have 'liked' Sirocco Hair and Peachy Keen Mumma on Facebook. ******You must 'like' both Facebook pages and leave a comment to be in the running for this prize****
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Judge's decision is final. Good luck!

The winner of the $75 Restyle Cut with Sirocco Hair and Beauty, Newcastle is Kate! Congratulations! 
And it doesn't stop there - Our (unbiased) judge Trista from NZ Travel Brokers had a tough time deciding on a winner because the entry from Aimee also caught her eye. Trista was very touched by Aimee's mum's story (on PKM's Facebook page) and would like to sponsor Aimee's mum with $50 towards a new cut at Sirocco. But wait there's more (haha) Sirocco is offering any of my readers 25% off when they mention me at their first hair cut! Yay!!!!
Thank you for your generosity Trista!

*Full disclosure: Peachy Keen Mumma was not paid for this blog post, nor was I paid in kind through services provided. I just want to support my friend and entrepreneur in her new business venture; she's amazing at what she does!