Thursday, October 30, 2014

My Coconut Crazy Banana Bread Recipe

I recently did a big shop at Costco in Sydney and became excited about all the coconut stuff I found there. I had some really ripe (and I mean black) bananas that I've been wanting to use up for banana bread. I decided at the last minute to set myself a challenge of using all the coconut ingredients in this picture (below) in the recipe today. It's my first time using coconut flour  and I learned rather quickly that it absorbs all liquids; so after some quick google research I decided to add more buttermilk and eggs to the Betty Crocker recipe I use. To my relief this Coconut Banana Bread recipe turned out nice and moist with a subtle coconut flavour. 
Note: Next time I make this I am going to use more coconut sugar than granulated. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What the? Personal Business Cards for Mums?

We are the most important people to know
Yes, you heard right. I am assuming that, just like me, you didn't know that their were personalised business cards for mums. I laughed so much when I came across these parent cards on Vista Print. I thought that's a bit uppity, a bit snobbish, and presuming. I pictured meeting a nice mum in the park, introducing ourselves and then (self-important) mummy-me saying "so we should catch up some time, here's my card." GASP! How would you react if another mum gave you her parent card? Would you think it was distasteful, and precious? Picture a similar scenario again but this time with the snobbiest english accent you can muster in your head: "If you'd like to have tea with me sometime and bring sweet little Andy to play with my Reginald that would just be so lovely. Here's my mummy-card. Call me darling." Right? Too Weird.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My interview with Ashleigh Ball from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, and Hey Ocean

We like the way you bend over - thank you photo bomber
A couple weeks ago I noticed my friend Ashleigh Ball (yes, that's officially a name - drop) from way back was coming to Australia, and I was stoked to find a message from her sitting in my inbox once she'd landed here. Growing up in Vancouver our paths eventually crossed at teen summer camp when Ashleigh's big sister Melissa introduced us. We got up to no good right away, which may or may not have included bleach and body hair. Shhhh. We won't ever tell.
While I took off to Australia at the ripe age of 20 to find myself in a kangaroo pouch or on a gorgeous beach, responsible Ashleigh took off on her career path to the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Now I will just have to live vicariously through her because she's doing my two dream jobs of singing and voice acting. That's what being responsible get's you.

SOOOOOOOO - She's kinda a big deal back home in Canada where she is the lead singer of the band Hey Ocean.

Lately though Ashleigh has been working as the voice(s) of Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack on the show My little Pony - Friendship is Magic.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

6 Tips for Beautiful and Affordable Maternity Style - by Laura

I hope you enjoy this guest post from Laura. I have loved following her on instagram (link at the bottom) and not only watching her baby bump grow but also seeing what great maternity outfit combinations and styles she will come up with next.  I found it hard to find 'cool' maternity clothes in stores (in Australia) so I hope her tips help. - Jess from PKM

When I fell pregnant I immediately had issues with fitting into my pants. Even by week 8 I had to unbutton my jeans and wear loose tops due to the bloat and the swelling of my breasts. I felt gross, ugly and not at all in the mood to show off my body. My only relief was that it was winter and could fortunately conceal myself under layers upon layers of clothing.

All I wanted in those first 12 weeks was to be comfortable. Being fashionable or the idolised 'yummy mummy' came second to ensuring I didn't pop out of my bras. The belly belt helped for about a week to extend the life of a few spandex-infused jeans but lets face it, anything that doesn't have elastic doesn't have a place in your maternity wardrobe. Coupled with the fact I felt like a whale, I would have to start investing in a few key maternity clothing that would last throughout the 9 months and even a change of seasons. 

I can't tell you how to dress, but I can tell you my secrets on how I appear to have "endless maternity clothes" and "bucket loads of money" as my mother puts it.

1. No one is going to check your tags.
Kmart. Target. Big W and ebay. The ranges available these days in the way of maternity clothing is really impressive. Nursing tanks, rouched tops and even a few nice dresses range from $9 to about $25.
Jacket: Cotton On. Non Maternity from 3 years ago. $30
T-shirt: Target $25
Jeans: Target $40
Shoes: Target $25

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Little Cottage - Master Bedroom Makeover and Renovation

A little while ago I did a collage of my dream bedroom. While this new bedroom isn't exactly dream material it's definetly a whole lot better than it was. Our old bedroom needed a make over so badly. I was like a child stomping my feet about it. It was nasty, the walls were spongy from moisture damage, and we were constantly trying to stay on top of the mould that went all over our furniture and walls. We have spent so many hours, even days, cleaning mould off things in our room. To make matters worse the walls were not insulated, which is very common in a lot of old Australian homes and makes total sense in a land famous for it's hot weather. In the summer our room was muggy and hot and we would have to shut the door so it wouldn't make the rest of the house that way too. In the winter it was very drafty and so cold.  Ever since we moved in 6 years ago we have wanted to rip out the walls, add insulation, vents in the ceiling, a new ceiling fan and of course - NEW WALLS! 

Our temporary digs (note: we were going to stay in a 5 star luxury resort but this idea seemed so much better): We moved our mattress into our lounge room for one and half weeks while our bedroom was  renovated. Very handy for WWF with your toddler.