Tuesday, October 14, 2014

6 Tips for Beautiful and Affordable Maternity Style - by Laura

I hope you enjoy this guest post from Laura. I have loved following her on instagram (link at the bottom) and not only watching her baby bump grow but also seeing what great maternity outfit combinations and styles she will come up with next.  I found it hard to find 'cool' maternity clothes in stores (in Australia) so I hope her tips help. - Jess from PKM

When I fell pregnant I immediately had issues with fitting into my pants. Even by week 8 I had to unbutton my jeans and wear loose tops due to the bloat and the swelling of my breasts. I felt gross, ugly and not at all in the mood to show off my body. My only relief was that it was winter and could fortunately conceal myself under layers upon layers of clothing.

All I wanted in those first 12 weeks was to be comfortable. Being fashionable or the idolised 'yummy mummy' came second to ensuring I didn't pop out of my bras. The belly belt helped for about a week to extend the life of a few spandex-infused jeans but lets face it, anything that doesn't have elastic doesn't have a place in your maternity wardrobe. Coupled with the fact I felt like a whale, I would have to start investing in a few key maternity clothing that would last throughout the 9 months and even a change of seasons. 

I can't tell you how to dress, but I can tell you my secrets on how I appear to have "endless maternity clothes" and "bucket loads of money" as my mother puts it.

1. No one is going to check your tags.
Kmart. Target. Big W and ebay. The ranges available these days in the way of maternity clothing is really impressive. Nursing tanks, rouched tops and even a few nice dresses range from $9 to about $25.
Jacket: Cotton On. Non Maternity from 3 years ago. $30
T-shirt: Target $25
Jeans: Target $40
Shoes: Target $25
White Shirt: Kmart $9
Black Lace Top: Kmart. Non Maternity $12
Jeans: Target $40
Shoes: Kmart $9
2. Research online for sales.
Before I make any purchase, even a $9 top from kmart, I do my research. Most retail shops these days are online so you can compare prices before making a decision. My number one go-to site for most items is www.asos.com.au This site is an absolute godsend. I always go straight to the sale page because you can get some pretty gorgeous items for 70% off the retail price and if you subscribe to their emails they send you discount codes to further reduce your order. They are really accurate with their sizes but if something isn't right, you just swap it or get a refund.

Asos Dress - On Sale $17
Asos Dress - On Sale $20
A few other sites I've come accross in my research that are worth checking out:
http://www.boohoo.com.au (*not maternity but awesome basics at cheap prices. Just buy the next size up!)

3. Buy Basics.
Blue Jeans, Black & White tops, black leggings and plain dresses. Dress them up later.

4. Invest in a few key items. 
I'm not all scabby. I have bought a few things that even though they were on sale, I would still consider to be expensive. I allowed myself to buy a few keys pieces like maternity overalls, boyfriend jeans or a nice jumper. Oh, and of course some nursing bras.

My beloved overalls. $85
(Top from Kmart $9)
5. Accessories with what you already own.
You are still going to fit into your existing shoes, stretchy maxis, clown jumpsuits, necklaces and cardis being pregnant so wear them! A pair of jeans and a plain white tank which probably cost you $45 all up to buy can be re-worn a thousand different times by pairing them with a chunky necklance, bright cardi, dangly earrings or a swanky pair of wedges which you have sitting in your closet already.
Only item of maternity clothing here is the black top. Everything was already sitting in my cupboard.

Again, just the black T is the only thing new
6. Hair and Makeup.
Seems silly to have to mention it, but there are times when I can be wearing the most gorgeous dress and feel like a slob. Not everyone needs this step, but personally I need it; for both my physical and mental transformation. Even a light coat of tinted moisturiser and some mascara can transform not only your entire face, but your attitude. And half of looking like a yummy mummy is feeling like one too. 
I was and still am so proud of my baby bump so when the time came to reveal that we were first expecting, I wholly and passionately embraced 'the bump.' That's probably been my biggest inspiration for how I style myself these days. Make the bump the centre of attention, embrace your new body and its changes and pretend you don't care about the extra few pounds that have now taken residence on your thighs.

Laura xx
More images and outfit ideas found on my instagram @lorakayte


  1. Renee at Mummy, Wife, MeOctober 14, 2014 at 6:43 AM

    OMG! She's so cute and stylish. I definitely did not look like that when pregnant. I had terrible morning sickness more than half the way through for both babies and hated to have anything remotely touching my skin. I would wear my clothes as loose as I could. If I'd seen some of these outfits though, I would definitely have given them a go.

  2. Gorgeous post - and I really think all these rules and suggestions are things we can apply to every wardrobe - not just a maternity one. Simply stunning photos Josefa #teamIBOT

  3. Great tips! Maternity clothes are so much nicer now than when I was pregnant 5 years ago. I didn't buy a lot of new clothes when I was pregnant. I lived in dresses and just added leggings once they got a bit short for me. My feet did swell though and stretched out my favourite ballet flats so I had to get rid of them once I had given birth.

  4. I did all this when I was pregnant too and it's amazing how far a limited maternity wardrobe can take you. One extra tip I'd add is make sure some of your maternity clothes are breast feeding friendly. You will be wearing your maternity clothes post pregnancy as your body adjusts back.

  5. Love your maternity style Laura! I wish I had been more adventurous when dressing the bump. I was so huge with my third, I just shopped for tents! ;)

  6. Lara at This Charming MumOctober 15, 2014 at 12:09 PM

    Thankfully I have no more need for maternity style, but I like your point about no one checking the tags. Forget the designer labels - save that money for the bub! I love the outfits you've put together here Laura :)

  7. Oh, I love your style, Laura! I wish I was that edgy when I was pregnant with the twins! Love overalls! I think they make any pregnant woman look so cute and sexy at the same time!

  8. Thanks Hun! I've always been a bit outrageous with my clothes so I couldn't give that up ha!!

  9. That's it! I'm proud that I can stretch my dollar! That way I can afford two in every colour haha :)

  10. I bet you were glowing! Thanks!

  11. Oh I'm waddling for sure!! I even get hubby to lift me off the couch haha.

  12. Thanks :) bet you looked better than you have pictures in your head haha. Oh shame! My morning sickness has just returned the past few weeks too! Though knock on wood it's been fairly bearable!

  13. Yep I sometimes even now ask for a 'tow' up!!! Best wishes :)

  14. You look gorgeous. I was so unwell when I was pregnant I hardly got out of my tracksuit pants. I really wanted to be one of those gorgeous pregnant people. I really love the way you have used layers .

  15. Thanks so much hun. I have been very lucky to not have bad morning sickness. I guess I didn't mention that! That's a great point. I guess if I had been feeling a lot worse my energy would have been spent on trying not to spew!

  16. I agree @EssentiallyJess . I think sometimes when we feel bigger we have a temptation to want to hide in something bigger but that just adds to the circus tent look I think

  17. HA!!! @Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me I wanted to ask for a tow up the other day. My ankles were hurting and swollen from walking in Sydney all day. My husband said I looked like a prego -walker. Any excuse to have someone else lift my body weight haha

  18. wow you look incredible in single outfit :) From behind you wouldn't even look pregnant!
    Love the dress with the black t-shirt, and the outfit with number 5 tip, beautiful!
    I always looked like a beach whale when I was pregnant :)