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My interview with Ashleigh Ball from My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic, and Hey Ocean

We like the way you bend over - thank you photo bomber
A couple weeks ago I noticed my friend Ashleigh Ball (yes, that's officially a name - drop) from way back was coming to Australia, and I was stoked to find a message from her sitting in my inbox once she'd landed here. Growing up in Vancouver our paths eventually crossed at teen summer camp when Ashleigh's big sister Melissa introduced us. We got up to no good right away, which may or may not have included bleach and body hair. Shhhh. We won't ever tell.
While I took off to Australia at the ripe age of 20 to find myself in a kangaroo pouch or on a gorgeous beach, responsible Ashleigh took off on her career path to the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Now I will just have to live vicariously through her because she's doing my two dream jobs of singing and voice acting. That's what being responsible get's you.

SOOOOOOOO - She's kinda a big deal back home in Canada where she is the lead singer of the band Hey Ocean.

Lately though Ashleigh has been working as the voice(s) of Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack on the show My little Pony - Friendship is Magic.
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Ash was recently part of a documentary 'A Brony Tale', featuring the phenomenon that are Bronies. The Bronies are fans of the show who are mostly made up of males from around the age of 13-30. That's quite extraordinary for a show that was once considered to be for little girls only. If you'd like to see the psychology behind that then there's a study that's been done by some shrinks about Bronies here 

OR you can watch the trailer for Brony Tale below (No it's not an ad for constipation medication, alright).

So if you're wondering what the F brought Ash to Australia this time around then there's two answers to that. Firstly she was in Sydney for a Brony-Con of sorts called Salvage Con. Secondly Ash wanted to see her little sister Nat, who like me, also settled in Australia and caught herself a man and has recently given birth to a little Aussie Canadian baby boy. Who wouldn't want to see their new wrinkley, adorable NEPH?
Everyone needs to know: Dustin is so good with kids
Oh did I forget the third reason she came to Oz? ME -  yup. HA! We reunited in super touristy Manly where I also got to meet Ash's manly man Stan and have ourselves a pint. No, his name isn't really Stan but I wish it was because it's has good rhyming potential, right? Actually so does Dustin, but I prefer calling him Dustan from now on. After lunch we then went off to Shell Beach, where Ashleigh went out snorkelling with my husband Dave and saw a couple sharks. No big deal. That's what you do here in Australia, aside from eating them on your chips. I picture Ash's snorkelling adventure was a bit like this ...
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Lucky me, I seemed to have caught myself a little interview with my old mate and in a bikini I might add, like the pervert that I am. I have to say that the only thing you really need to know about her is that she can do a fantastic bogan, Australian accent. I hope you read all her answers below in that accent. Thank you and come again.

How did you begin a career in voice acting?
I got picked up by an agent at a graduation showcase I did with my school - the Canadian College of Performing Arts. He basically thought I would be good at voice work and had me in an audition the following week.

What's next for you with your career?

I'm in the midst of recording the 5th season of my little pony friendship is magic, and have 3 other series in the works, and I'm in the process of recording an EP.

What do you love most about what you do?
I love the people I get to work with! All voice actors are a little bit crazy. It's always hilarious recordings a series in a room with a bunch of brilliant crazy people. And I can wear whatever I want!

What do you like least?
Sometimes after a session my voice is toast. Sometimes, depending on the character I'm playing, there's a lot of yelling involved. Lots of tea with honey.

What sacrifices have you made along the way?

Mostly just missing out on things from being on the road touring.
Weddings, birthdays, important social events; but it really doesn't feel like a huge sacrifice 'cause I'm doing what I love.

Was there ever a point you thought this wasn't going to work - whether it was singing or voice acting?

Oh ya. When I first started auditioning it was so frustrating cause I wasn't booking anything but then something just clicked. With being a musician, you're constantly doubting things, questioning your career choice. Luckily I have a very supportive family and great friends who encourage me through all the doubt.

Do you think think you had middle child syndrome being the one between two other sisters?

Kinda... Wait, what even is middle child syndrome? Being awesome? Cause I totally have that.
:)  I was more of the peace keeper between my sisters.

If you could create and name your own Little Pony what would it be?

Sunshine dust. A magical Pegasus who can make the sun shine anytime.

How have you changed most since I last saw you 13 years ago, and you were still a teenager? 
Haha. I got boobs (*Just for the record Ashleigh has always had boobs, well since she was a little teen - PKM)

What woman did you love singing along to when you were a kid?
Oh man, so many!
When I was really little: Charlotte diamond - 4 hugs a day :)
In my early teens: Alanis Morissette and Gwen Stefani
I also belted along to Aretha, Whitney, Mariah, and Etta James
Coconut Bliss is not a PKM sponsor but they should be

Do you know when you'll be back in the studio recording for Hey Ocean?

Not for a while. We are all taking time to work on solo projects.

What's your favourite pig out food?

Kettle corn. Perfect combination of sweet & salty.

Do you know how to spell curb in Australian? If so, how?
Kerb. Who knew?!

What's the hardest thing about writing a song?
Not having bandmates around to finish it for you :/

What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?
I've been off dairy for a while now but I've found a new love - Coconut Bliss (non-dairy coconut ice cream) in Cappuccino flavor. Oooh mama!

                                     Ashleigh Xo

The lady sitting behind us totally crashed our personal space and then acted like we were the irritating ones by our noisy chatter while she was reading. UGH!!! How rude. HA!


  1. LOL, this is awesome! That sounds like such a massively fun job, and Bronies??? Wow, who ever knew! Good luck to your friend, she sounds absolutely hilarious, and poo to people who photobomb and crash your personal space. Now SHE is famous too. Hahahaha!

  2. Renee at Mummy, Wife, MeOctober 21, 2014 at 7:21 AM

    Shut the front door! Ashleigh is Rainbow Dash?! Rainbow Dash is only my daughter's FAVOURITE my little pony! I have never even heard of Brony. I need to learn myself up fast. Great interview.

  3. Brownies are a fascination of mine, I admit! And furries.... ;)

  4. Must be great to see people in the flesh from home. My mikala loves My Little Pony - I won't tell her the voices aren't real ponies ;)

  5. Bubfriendly WinnieOctober 21, 2014 at 5:52 PM

    Wow! That's sooooo cool to finally know who's 'Rainbow Dash'! I didn't even know My Little Pony was Canadian! Please excuse us for our ignorance! Sounds like a great friendship you have there - hope you girls maintain it and keep in touch for many many more years to come! Keep us posted on any little pony secrets or sneak peeks! ;)

  6. Best job ever!! How lovely that you've maintained your friendship, over time and sea. I bet you girls had the best time catching up, Jess x

  7. How awesome! It's always great to catch up with friends who you haven't seen in the flesh for a long time!

  8. I saw something recently on TV about adult followers of My Little Pony. They interviewed a blond woman who voiced some characters. Might have been Ashleigh. How wonderful she is following her dream, and you have kept your friendship alive. Still dontvget the Bronie thing though.......may have to read that psych study!

  9. I've seen a episodes and I think it's pretty good for the range of shows we have on tv for the wee munchkins. Btw, is Stan a Brony?

  10. What a cool friend to have. Isn't it funny despite their success they can still stay true to themselves snd maintain their friendships before they get discovered. I really enjoyed this post. :)

  11. what a great job and what a great friend! i am way past the My little Pony stage, but I am very impressed. You have such cool friends Jess x

  12. She seems like such a great friend and a great person too! I love people who stay true to themselves even through the fame.

  13. Wow this is such a good post! Ashleigh has a great voice. And the Brony thing is fascinating. I am a doco tragic so I must hunt this one down. Well done x

  14. Dustan is probably the biggest brony there is. haha. No, actually I don't think he buys into the hype or gets the friendship is magic in real life thing. He just loves his gal. I totally have to watch an episode @Amy Smith

  15. It would have been her. She narrates the whole doc. I can totally see Nathan and Ewen becoming Bronies. Watch out friend @Kathryn Russell

  16. I wish it happened more often. I think when I moved to Australia years ago I had a fantasy that all my friends would come visit but that hasn't really happened. Makes the times that it does that much more special I think though. AND gives me an excuse to be a tourist. @TeganMC

  17. NOT enough time. It's hard to cover so many years. BUT it was definitely brilliant Thanks @Lisa @ Random Acts Of Zen

  18. @Jodi Gibson I want it (the job)!!! Hey I just met another Jodi Gibson at the Myer event. I think she's famous too. You should try and get an interview with her. hehe!

  19. @Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me HA! I love your enthusiasm. You are never going to look at that show in the same way again. Tell me what you think of A Brony Tale once you've watched it.

  20. I love a bit of stranger-butt in my photos Hugzilla!

  21. Oh, how very cool you have a famous friend!!! We're actually not familiar with Little Pony in this house. But I will take your word for how very awesome it is! :)
    P.S Snorkelling in Sydney is the bestest!

  22. I never knew Sydney had good Snorkelling until Ash told us about this beach. Snorkelling is my happy place so the fact that I gave it up to care for my child that day says just how much I love him. @Grace

  23. oh wow what a great time you had with your famous friend! Love her career - working as a voice over would be so cool!!
    Never heard of that ice-cream before, sounds so yummy. Great picture of you all on the beach :)

  24. Looks like Ashleigh Ball, is as "Awesome as she want's to be" XD

  25. Nah @Mares Fillies! I think she could be 20% more awesome than she is if she just worked a bit harder. HA! Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

  26. @NewLifeOnTheRoad Thanks! That ice-cream, man if I find it in Australia I'll tell you. It must just be one of those North American goodies we have to dream about from afar? I want to try some so badly.

  27. Wowzers, this was a very good and AWESOME article of your great friend you've known since
    you were younger hehe!

    It's pretty rad to know she's came to meet you in Australia and for her husband as well
    along with that con! Hmm...I haven't kept up on her personal life but I never (or forgot) knew
    she was a mother haha! That's so sweet and it's good to know that Stan aka Dustin is an
    awesome father for the kids. =)

    Anyways this was an wonderful interview (and honestly I don't know how to picture Ashleigh doing an bogan...i'm not familiar with that word but I can picture her doing an aussie accent!) and I want to thank you for posting it Peachy Keen Mumma!

    Also I just want to tell you that you've been featured in the newest Nightly Roundup on Equestria Daily, Nightly Roundup #1082! (It's how I found this post hehe.)

    Equestria Daily is an MLP-FiM fanblog by the way, one of the most popular one out there.
    You can check it out here if you want:

    Yup! Still thanks for this post and never stop being super duper AWESOME! yay~
    Hope you don't mind me doing this but...brohoofs to ya! /)

    May you enjoy MLP-FiM when you get the chance along with having a wonderful day/night!

  28. @Jake Well So happy you stopped by. I was so glad that EDaily shared my article with MLP fans too. Very good.
    Ashleigh isn't a mum, I am, ha ha. So that's my little boy hanging out with Dustin. HA!
    Bogan is pretty much the Aussie word for White trash but it kinda goes beyond that. Brohoofs to you too!

  29. You replied! yay~ and ah it was you that's the mother haha...Sorry for the small confusion!

    It must be awesome to have a young boy and I wish the best throughout the future and now. =)

    Ah yes, I took the time to look up Bogan and didn't understand it completely but now I see what it means. Rather interesting I gotta say...and something beyond the term associated with it...interesting.

    Anyways i'm happy to see ya and it's indeed great that your article was shared with everypony/one!

    A kind brohoof right back at ya /)*(\ and keep on smiling on! woohoo~
    See ya and stay awesome Peachy along with Ashleigh, Dustin and your awesome kid hehe! =D