Thursday, November 20, 2014

My First Blogger Event - Myer Giftorium

Kids Business  and Myer invited me along to hear their big announcement in the Myer department store, downtown Sydney. We (my family and me) stepped off the elevator and were swept into another world. It was a magic Christmas wonderland. Myer calls it their Giftorium. It seems to take alot the childhood nostalgia I felt about Christmas, *minus snow (this is Australia we are talking about), and pack it into this beautiful 6th floor display. You'd be hard pressed not to find a gift here for anyone in your family, even the person who doesn't like anything but sand -play (you won't know what I mean by that until you go to there) ...
Myer Ambassador Jodi Gordon was on hand to make the announcement about the new Giftorium.
We spoke for a little while before hand about our kids and she was very sweet and down to earth, and absolutely drop dead gorgeous! DANG!

The  really fun bit for me: I  loved being able to walk up to the other women there and know I was talking to other real life Aussie bloggers. I was busy chatting it up with Grace from With Some Grace and she interrupted me to point out the little toddler who was drawing quite the crowd with his dancing. I turned around and it was my son Charlie. Typical social animal. My husband captured this moment of me and Grace (left) watching him, but I also got it on video (below).

Myer thought it was time for us to get makeovers so here I am with the lovely ladies from All Mum Said and Mums Take Five

After - Our Incredible transformations

 This balloon guy was a whole lot of fun for Charlie, and David too!
 I'm not a huge star wars fan but this is impressive

 Afterwards we headed back to the hotel to try and get this kid a nap but he protested like an angry little wasp on speed. We took off to the Sydney Aquarium until dinner time.

We happened to catch this amazing site of people repelling off this sky-scraper. Yikes!

A very fun day was had by all. Thanks so much to Myer and Kid's business for the prezzies as well. I love my new soda stream. Something I could never justify buying for myself!
 ... and yes this post is a teeny - tiny bit sponsored but all opinions are my own.


  1. Man, this looks awesome!! My son would have DIED at that Star Wars Lego.

  2. I wondered what the pile of children was about that I had to climb over to get the shot? I think it's probably good your son wasn't there @hugzilla

  3. I've stuck my head in our local Giftorium a couple of times. It looks awesome! I just need to write a present list now and head back in.

  4. haha we are SO hot after our transformation!

  5. So much finally meeting you at that event! How gorgeous was your boy! He was my highlight x

  6. @Grace Thanks for saying so. I would have missed his whole act if it hadn't been for you pointing it out. It was my highlight too.

  7. i think I need bigger classes though....@Kell @ All Mum Said

  8. Your transformation photo is probably the best! Love it. Looked like a fab night, and who doesn't love a soda stream!!!