Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fit n Fast Gym's Female Billboards - Quickies 4 Sale

If you follow Peachy Keen Mumma on Facebook then you may have noticed the big froo-ha that happened last week when my husband decided to take on Fit n Fast gym for the slogan they have on their employees t-shirts, "Quickies 4 Sale."
My husband was waiting for the traffic lights to change on his way back from the office when he noticed that the woman next to him was wearing a Fit N Fast T-shirt with that slogan on it. After a quick discussion he discovered that she is an employee that receives unwanted attention from it at least 3 times a day. He could tell it was unwanted by the look on her face.

My husband came home and told me about this t-shirt and the female employee's response to having to wear it. I was absolutely appalled that they would make their employees wear something with such an sexually objectifying slogan. My husband wrote to Fit n Fast on their Facebook page.

"Today I saw one your female employees wearing her Fit n Fast t-shirt with the slogan on the back saying "Quickies 4 Sale". I understand you have a marketing campaign around this whole 'quickie' thing but you've got be kidding yourselves by making an employee wear this advertisement branded on their clothes. I asked her if that t-shirt encouraged suggestive comments and her sad reply was "I cop it at least three times a day". 
I think it is so irresponsible of Fit n Fast and potentially a failure of your duty of care toward your employees, in particular your female employees. I consider it tasteless, tacky and cheap to use a suggestive buzzword to capture business. As a concerned social observer I would ask that cease branding this slogan on your uniforms and remove any other wording that suggests how I can ask for a 'Quickie'.
This isn't a case of 'we are all adults', this is case of removing physical objectification. Before you start thinking 'this guy needs to chill', I ask you to think about how you would like it if your mother/sister/girlfriend/wife were to wear this t-shirt around just because you listened to some marketing muppet spin crap about boosting memberships."

Their response was less than helpful:

"Hi David,
Thank you so much for taking the time to voice your concern for the welfare of our team members. It’s great to know that there are caring people in society - especially given the recent events in Sydney. We all need to look out for each other. So, thank you!
We absolutely apologise for any offence caused to you. It was never our intention."

I cannot stand when someone apologises for how someone feels instead of apologising and taking responsibility for their actions and rectifying the problem. It's a complete cop-out. 

Thankfully we are not the only ones who think these t-shirts need taken out and burned. Dave had many people share his post and write comments supporting his statement.

AND here's an official PKM announcement: I can now officially say that I have had my troll cherry popped, well, not on my blog but definitely on that Fit N Fast FB post. I was really shocked that a woman who appears to be in her 50's behaves in this childish way, and communicates like the bully popular girl at school but with an even dirtier mouth. A couple others used some victim blaming saying that the employees wearing the shirts should say something if it bothers them. How many would be too afraid to say something? I think most would just want to fly under the radar and be compliant with their bosses demands on them so as to not stir the pot. Lucky we aren't employees cause I love pot stirring. See me holding the spoon in my profile picture, yup, proof I'm a pot stirrer. 

Turns out the definition of sexual harassment is not as well known as we'd hoped and Lyndal had to explain it to Sandra: 

Newcastle Herald picked up on the story. 
There are lot's nasty comments on their FB page for us too but that's because they presented it on their page as if David were upset by the signage, when he is actually concerned about the human billboard and the sexual harassment that follows the wearer.

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  1. Ah how did I not see this?! Good on you and your husband for speaking up! Why people defend the perpetuation of rape culture in a society that continually devalues women is terrible; it's even worse when women attack others for saying so and shows just how widespread and pervasive this culture is.

  2. ^^^ Saying it better than me as always. All I have right now is a sigh. And welcome to trolling. It's inevitable if you speak about issues of gender. And exhausting. Well done to you and your husband for raising awareness of this no matter how negative the response was.

  3. Ok just realised I hadn't liked you on FB (thought I had) so sorry! No wonder I missed this! Have rectified it immediately.
    Secondly, that kind of shirt is not appropriate at all. It's not a clever play on words, it's just asking for trouble. I wouldn't want to wear it if I was that woman either.

  4. Good on you guys for speaking up. Can't believe their response. The more we speak up though, the more the big guys will be forced to listen and get their heads out of their you know whats its.

  5. How disgusting. And even more disgusting when someone objects that the first thing the company does is a lame statement that ultimately says nothing. I was offended by a segment on the radio show I listen to one afternoon, wrote an email the next morning I was still that upset about it, got a response saying "I've listened to the segment you referred to and can understand your anger. I will take it up with the onair team. We all should be more tolerant of everyone." or some BS like that. Some people just have their heads so far up their a$$es, they are clueless. -Aroha (for #teamIBOT)

  6. It doesn't help that when good people try to stand up for something worth while that a whole heap of people are ready to attack them. Doesn't really make the good people want to stand up but trolls will be trolls! @Aroha @ Colours of Sunset

  7. Thanks @Jodi Gibson . It was really disappointing for us that the Newcastle Herald made such an unethical decision by misleading their reader with the header and first paragraph (along with the photo) of the story.

  8. @EssentiallyJess I got all excited when I saw that I had a FB like from you! Thanks! You're a bit famous in our sphere and I like to name drop. haha!
    I would have to say something if my boss ever made me wear something like that. Luckily my boss is my son and he's not old enough to be a pervert.

  9. @HandbagMafia I'm 32 and only just realising how deep this stuff goes. Thankfully we have come a long way since the 1950's, but doing this story shows how much we need to keep fighting. We have to respect ourselves as women!

  10. Thanks so much Hugs! It means a lot coming from such an intelligent and zesty woman like you!