Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Whole30 Results, & The Paleo Cafe Giveaway

BEFORE: My husband Dave and I beginning the Whole30 Program with Andrea from The Pineapple Cake Blog, and her boyfriend, Ben.

After: Saturday March 14th  - Day 28 of the Whole 30 program 

Today, March 16th, is our last day of the paleo The Whole30 Program! Woo-hoo. We made it. For what we lost in weight and sugar cravings we gained in learning some valuable life changing lessons about what we eat. A quick run down for those of you who missed my first post on this; we have spent the last 30 days cutting out refined sugars, gluten, grains,  dairy and legumes and booze from our diet. Funnily enough, there is still heaps left over that you can eat. Can you believe it. We had meat, bacon, fish, eggs, more bacon, vegetables, nuts, fruit, and some more bacon, coffee and teas, and veggie juices straight from my juicer, and bacon. There was lot's of coconut everything (milk, cream, water, oil, even a little bit of flour). We were also able to have ghee, nuts and nut oils, spices and herbs, and bacon. 

The Whole30 is extreme Paleo. For us it's a kickstart into a whole new way of life and the way we think about what we consume. Paleo people find it most easy to compare this way of eating to a cave man's diet, but there's so much more to it. I was making my own mayonnaise, ranch and caesar dressings, and aioli. I'm sure cavemen didn't eat those things. The whole point of paleo is to just bring food back to it's simplest forms while still making it super tasty with herbs and spices. You just take out all the extra crap in it - like MSG, refined sugar, additives and preservatives. Paleo makes you focus on the good-for-you fats too!
For me there needed to be a psychological shift away from convenience food. One of the biggest struggles I had was making time for cooking. That seems a bit off for me to say because I already cooked all the time but the big difference with Whole30 was that I was cooking from scratch, and cooking every single meal, (or cooking big batches for left overs). I mean making my own sauces, dips and dressings from scratch as well.  There were no breakfast cereals to give me a break. I am always honest here so I'll let you know that there was a lot of freaking dishes to be washed too. My husband studies or plays with our son when he isn't working full time so it was up to me to cook and clean it all. And yes, even with my dishwasher there were still lot's of dishes to clean.

I rationalised the amount of work I was doing in the kitchen by thinking of all that time I used to spend at the gym with little to no results. I thought "At least I can feel a difference in my pants with all this effort."

CALM DOWN - Of course I haven't stopped exercising! I fully believe that needs to be a part of any healthy lifestyle. I'm just saying I saw more physical results changing my input than working on my output.

I feel like my whole adult life I have been searching for this solution, spending so much energy on things that wouldn't work, or if they did it was TOO DAMN HARD to continue and carry into my day to day life. I may have shed a tear of relief this morning after stepping off the scales, not from being done the Whole30 at the end of today, but at finally having cracked the case on what's been hindering my weight loss. I told Sherlock Andrea in the beginning of this program that I didn't want to feel like I was hungry all the time, and I didn't at all on this. I ate when I was hungry, and didn't focus on portion sizes outside of what I normally would have.

So you want results well I've got some! I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight (and my pre-pregnancy shorts)!
That means I lost 5 Kgs (11lbs).

Here's what I lost in centimetres:
  • Waist - 3cms
  • Stomach -  7.5cms (That's around 3 inches)!
  • Upper Arms - 3cms
  • Butt - 4.5cms
My husband Dave lost 5 kgs also. 

How have we changed? We are converted. I think you'll find us eating this way in a 70/30 split. That means I am having birthday cake next week, and wine on our anniversary this Wednesday, but for the most part we are going to be eating the paleo way. Thankfully that won't be too hard because it's not as strict as the Whole30. We can invite honey and maple syrup back into our lives now, but in small doses. Now that we see we can achieve this lifestyle with out sacrificing on portion and taste we think we can continue.

We met up with Andrea and Ben on Day 28 where we had begun on Day 1. That's the Paleo Cafe in Newcastle (Cleary St, Hamilton). Almost everything they make is Whole30 compliant so it's such an easy option for us when most places haven't been. Andrea had the beef cheek on Day 1 and convinced me to try it on Day 28. The last time I had it, elsewhere, I hated it. That experience was like sorting through a mine-field of fat just to find a tasty morsel of meat. I'm glad I gave the Paleo Cafe's beef cheeks a try because they are amazing, there was no fat sorting to be had, which is a workout all on it's own. These cheeks just fell apart and melted in my mouth, and were perfect accompanied with the sweet potato and pumpkin puree.

David had the pork belly special. He said it's the best pork belly he has ever had! WHOA! And we both discovered something we had never heard of before, cashew cheese. The Paleo Cafe does sell a jar of it separately too so you can take some home.
I'm not sure I would have survived the Whole 30 with out some coconut amino sauce, which is also sold at the Paleo Cafe. I don't know who else sells it. The best way to describe it would be like a sweet and sour stir-fry sauce. It's a Whole30 must have. I made my own version of honey mustard with it when we had chicken schnitzel at home.

Quite of few of my friend's have asked me all that's involved in doing the Whole30. I've already been honest in letting you know that you have to work to eat this well. You have to spend time in your kitchen creating (unless you don't mind just eating eggs and bacon for breakfast, and steak and salad at all other meals). Creativity is key to this challenge. Trying out a new recipe at least 5 times a week can be exhausting but once you learn them it just gets easier to make the switch to eating better, and eating cleaner. 

THE VERY, VERY GOOD NEWS IS (and you heard it here first), the Paleo Cafe is starting their first Whole30 program on Tuesday - April 28th, 2015!
That means they will be cooking every lunch and dinner for you for all 30 days! That also means less time doing meal plans, less time in the kitchen, cooking and cleaning, and less time in the shops buying all the food. Stay tuned with Peachy Keen Mumma and the Paleo Cafe Newcastle on FB because we will be providing a Whole 30 registration link as soon as it's all good to go.

To celebrate the completion of the Whole30 program, the Paleo Cafe would like to give my readers a chance to win 2 prizes.

PRIZE 1 - Kora Organics Cosmetics by Miranda Kerr (valued at $150). 

PRIZE 2 -  Breakfast at the Paleo Cafe Newcastle for you and 3 friends, including beverages. 
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Good luck! Competition will end on April 7th.2015 and the 2 winners will be announced in the week following.

The winner of the Kora Organics Cosmetics is Dianne C, and the winner of the breakfast for four is Kathryn R. This was a game of skill, and the answers were judged on creativity as well as rafflecopter entries. The Judges decision is final. Thank you to Clarissa, Owner of Paleo Cafe Newcastle, for choosing our winners!

Full disclosure: While the giveaway was sponsored by the Paleo Cafe Newcastle, all opinions are my own and the whole30 results are a result of my own efforts.


  1. Oh my God! How amazing are you and your husband for doing so well with this!!! That is a huge weight loss. You look fantastic and you must feel fantastic too. I really hope you can continue to keep this new way of life going. I would absolutely love to win the Kora Organics. I have been wanting to try them for an age now. I secretly hope they will turn me into Miranda Kerr or at least make me look as good as her :)

  2. You guys look great! Well done for being so committed. It's tough. I'm not paleo but we do try and eat from scratch and really take note of what processed foods contain. We could do better, and we should. I think we will.

  3. Wow! Well done! Great results! 30/70 sounds like a very doable way of continuing with this in the long term.

  4. I'd love to win the Kora Organics skin care products. If it's good enough for Miranda Kerr, its definitely good enough for me!

  5. Awesome effort!! I'm about 80/20 Paleo but I just can't get Mr McD on board... will show him your results & try to sway him again!!

  6. @Mumma McD I just spoke to the Cafe manager and the cosmetics part of this comp is open Australia wide if you'd like to have a go!

  7. @Jodi Gibson I just spoke to the Cafe manager and the cosmetics part of this comp is open Australia wide if you'd like to have a go!

  8. @Josefa @always Josefa I just spoke to the Cafe manager and the cosmetics part of this comp is open Australia wide if you'd like to have a go!

  9. Amazing results!! I'd love to have a go at a challenge like this, but think I'd come unstuck without dairy... As for the competition, would love to some new cosmetics, mainly because since going from 2 to 3 kids my personal hygiene habits have taken a hit. Brushing my hair, teeth and having a shower are about it at the moment, some new products might inspire me to make some time for myself!

  10. Well done for doing it, and your results are great!
    You must feel so fantastic having accomplished that.

  11. Well done to you. I would love to have someone cook all my meals as that is how I would manage this since I hate being in the kitchen lol.

  12. Well done you!! Making everything from scratch does take a lot of dedication and a lot more planning but it's worth it to really know what you're eating and to use the best ingredients you can. Great effort.

  13. Well done to all of you! You can really see the changes over the month have made a difference.

  14. I've been wanting to do Whole30 for awhile now but its a big commitment and worried I will fail. I try and meal prep but it lasts a week or two, then there's the eating out and sweets. Anyways I'm making excuses. You guys looked great and thank you for sharing your journey. Well done!

  15. Good on you, that's fantastic! I'm interested in giving this a whirl myself after reading your post, but the extra work puts me off a bit I must admit :-/

  16. Well done on the weight loss! The paleo diet has intrigued me and what a great idea for the cafe to produce a menu offering three different meals that are paleo friendly. In regards to the prize, I would love the kora organics because I've heard good things about the skin care and I don't live in Newcastle to be able to eat at the Cafe.

  17. @Cam @ Gen-Y Mum let me know if you want help with meal plans! I'll shoot you an email if you say so. That's half the battle I reckon! It also helps to have a partner in crime to keep you accountable.

  18. @Lisa thank you! I look less pregnant which is good, 'cause I ain't. hahaha but now I know why a stranger asked me when the next was due!

  19. @Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me I really hope so too. Today my friend brought me the most delicious tart from down the road, covered in glazed strawberries. I could not say no. And it was divine. But for dinner it's back to healthy eating from scratch.

  20. Fantastic Jess! And how wonderful that you can feel the difference as well x

  21. There once was a girl feeling low
    So she thought she'd give Paleo a go
    She followed the blog
    Decided to give it a flog
    Twas inspired by the Peachy Momo

  22. Jess you are tempting me ... I do CrossFit and a paleo diet is recommended, hence why I said I've been wanting to give this lifestyle change a real go ...

    ok email me gen.y.mum@gmail.com

  23. Kora Organics to improve my skin.
    So my complexion matches my beauty within.
    Natural products, no hidden surprises!
    Organic ingredients is all Kora comprises.

  24. That's awesome that you were able to find something that have you such great results. I think that is the key to being healthy, you need to find something that works for you and your life.

  25. Ooh I've been eyeing off the Kora skincare for ever so long.. Day 22 of my Whole30 today! Feeling amazing!

  26. Congrats on your great results! We've recently moved to Newcastle and I've been trying to get hubby to take me on a brunch date to The Paleo Cafe, the food looks soooo good! If I won this, he'd be out of excuses! ;)

  27. I would so love to win this. Have made many changes to our food intake and how its cooked. Would love to be cooked for fir a change. Get some new ideas

  28. Either prize would be great! I have awful skin AND I need tasty inspiration to start a paleo diet :)

  29. Well done Jess. Loved seeing you and Dave last week and look forward to more catch ups. And what better place to do it than Paleo Cafe!!!! Not easy to find paleo friendly places to eat out, so we love having this great cafe here in Newy.

  30. Round 2 of Whole30 starts Friday for me. I can't wait as Easter has left me feeling a little Blah! I *might* have fallen off the Paleo Wagon and LOVE how I feel when I've been eating cleanly. Totally joining the Paleo Tribe and the Paleo Cafe is the greatest place for a guilt free treat!

  31. I want to win breakfast for 4 @ paleo cafe ..... Mostly because they have yummy food and they don't mind when we take our children and as you know eating in public with small humans is next to impossible.

  32. Is it rude to want both?! 🙊
    With winter dawning my skin is screaming out for some TLC and I know Kora will soothe and care for my skin like only the best organic skincare will. And while my skin can be nourished from the outside, the Paleo cafe's wholesome and nutrious food can nourish me from the inside out - like only real food can!
    Both prizes would be beyond amazing and any opportunity to treat my body with the best food and skincare out there would be lapped up.
    Jess Maloney xx

  33. There was two fat ladies from The Heights,
    Who could no longer fit into their tights.
    A diet you say?
    Paleo is the way!
    So say goodbye to the fights!

    And I would like to breakfast with my best buds at the Paleo cafe please!!!

  34. Id love to win breakfast at The Paleo Cafe please! It would be worth the 1hr drive to get there :)