Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I've Got Tattoos in Places You Wouldn't Expect & Giveaway

6 years ago I had an orchid tattooed on my foot.
One of the only foot tattoo photos I could find - Aussie Citizenship Day 2012
That's really not shocking. Unless you're my christian mother who thinks God made me perfect the way I am (*except for my bad back). Or my father who told me when I was 10 - "if God wanted holes in your ears he would have put them there."
Apparently God didn't want me to have holes in my ears.... or eyebrows either for that matter.

That's right. My whole life I've had missing eyebrows. Oh, they have been sort of there. But only a little. Just like my boobs. Sort of there, but only a little. When I've mentioned in passing to friends that I fill my eyebrows in with a pencil there have been polite questions on whether or not I over-pluck or have done in the past. No to both. I barely have anything to pluck. I'd be a farmer's wife's dream if I was a chicken and my eyebrows were feathers.

When I saw a post come up in my feed for eyebrow tattooing I was so intrigued. I visited the Facebook page and saw heaps of photos of before and after shots of women's eyebrow tattooing. Which ironically is also called feathering.

This is what I imagined it would look like before clicking on the post.

But it was WAY better than that. So I sent my husband the link in an email with the subject "Idea for a Birthday Present." He took the bait because a couple months later, on my birthday, I received a gift certificate for eyebrows from Newcastle Cosmetic Tattoo, listing my first two appointments with the incredibly talented Cosmetic Tattooist, Melissa . The first was for the consult where we discuss everything that goes on during the tattoo procedure, and Melissa also answers any questions I have. She also spent time going over health history to make sure the procedure is right for me.
The sweetest, most welcoming receptionists. Seriously!
My second appointment was in their new office, on the 5th floor of the Hunter Chambers, in Hunter Street Mall. Straight away I notice the breathtaking views of  Nobby's beach. I immediately felt more relaxed, especially when I take a sip of the orange and ginger tea on offer. They then apply the numbing cream over my eyebrows and I wait about 20-30 minutes before the procedure starts.

Before I had my eyebrows tattooed this is how I pictured I looked to everyone else:
What I actually looked like every day

Melissa starts the session by discussing some things again to make sure I'm clear on the procedure. Then she fills in the area with a pencil and creates a shape, and works on it until we are both happy. Then she gets to work with a tattoo pen. It's not hooked up to a machine or anything. She starts the feathering. Tiny little hair strokes that simulate real hair, and go in the natural direction hair would grow. It's only slightly painful because the numbing cream is doing it's job. It's doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as my foot tattoo did. Not by a long shot. It takes about an hour but that can vary depending on how much work she has to do.

After I had the feathering done I imagined I looked like this:
But in reality I look like this. My eyebrows are shiny because they are covered in a layer of bepanthen for healing and protection. 

It only took a week for them to heal and they faded a little as well. There was a bit of itching, but applying Bepanthen three times a day really helped. I had a third appointment with Melissa to do some touch-ups about four weeks later, which was already included in the total price.

 The official before and (5 weeks) after photos

I absolutely love my new brows. When I went to get my hair cut I was telling my hairdresser and friend, Leanne, about my new eyebrows and the next thing I knew about 8 people were crowded around me wanting to have a look. Most of them had never heard of cosmetic eyebrow tattoos. It was unanimous that they loved them and were totally won over with how natural they looked. The response from all my friends (who are in the know) has been the same. I've asked for total honesty from them. Most of them want to have this procedure done too. 

I love that if I'm in a rush now I can just put on mascara and a little blush and head for the door, and feel pretty decent about going out in public. I've found people are able to read my facial expressions a whole lot better now too. HA!! Okay, just kidding. I don't think that's true because I wear my heart on my sleeve anyway. But I do love my brows!  And it's so nice to finally have a complete set!

Giveaway time - WIN a $200 Gift Voucher for 
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The BIG WINNER is Krystle W. She has been notified to claim her prize. Congratulations!
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Good luck!
Competition closes on 07/07/2015 at 12am AEST. Good luck!

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions and stories are my own.


  1. Oh my! I am so impressed. I also have no eyebrows. I have to get them dyed on but there is hardly any hair to dye! So on day one of the dye job I look like an angry bird, then they are perfect for three days, then I have to wait 3 weeks until I can get them done again. I have always been scared of the tattooed eyebrows. But yours look AMAZING!

  2. I don't have eyebrows either. You can see the middle but the outside is very faint. I wondered if I'd overplucked at some point but I think it's common with hypothyroidism... I love the idea of having them tattooed on. (Sadly Newcastle isn't an option for me though!)

  3. Wow they look great and really natural. I have quite fine eyebrows too, not sure that I could get them done though so I'll just stick to 'filling' them in ;)

  4. Wow they look so natural! You look great. I'm not interested in cosmetic tattooing but I'll share this comp on my facebook, to my newcastle friends.

    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  5. They look amazing! They've sure improved that technique over the years!

  6. Wow Your eyebrows look fantastic! I bet you feel fantastic too?

  7. Wow your brows look fab! I've got really scraggly eyebrows with a bald patch through one thanks to a scar. Wish Newcastle was a bit closer!!

  8. Your brows look so good Jess, totally natural!

  9. That has made a difference - they look fabulous. I honestly thought it would be really obvious but its quite natural.

  10. How cool! That is amazing, I have never heard of that, they look awesome!

    PS: I have sort of boobs too. It sort of sucks but at least they stay perky! ;-)

  11. Natalie @ Our Parallel ConnectJune 16, 2015 at 6:23 PM

    They look very natural... Lifts your eyes heaps...or maybe your eyes are now smiling

  12. Oh wow, I think I *need* this! Though I wonder what happens as your hair/brows go grey ... just asking for a friend *cough* who needs to pluck greys from her brows these days ...

  13. Holy shit that looks amazing!! It's so not what I was expecting and am really impressed by how genuine it looks. And seriously, this is one of the best and funniest sponsored posts I have ever read. Love your work, Jess.

  14. That's very cool! My hairdresser had cosmetic tattooing on her lips to help define them - always wondered whether that would be worth doing but worried that I might hate it and be stuck with it.

  15. Oh my Gosh!!! They look awesome. I have eyebrow envy. I have very fair and thin eyebrows on the end. I've never been brave enough to get them tattooed on, but they look fab.

  16. Your brows look fabulous Jess. NCT really have done a fantastic, natural job.
    I've been thinking about why I want and need the voucher, and I think it is related to an event that occurred recently that completely upset my peace with the world. As a mid-30's working woman with little kids, my morning routine can only be described as a cross between feeding time at the zoo and an automatic car wash. Beauty is possibly one of the last priorities on the morning list, and I'm lucky to achieve brushed hair and being clothed most days. So you can understand my horror when stepping out the shower one morning a few weeks ago, while I could hear children screaming on the other side of the door, and aware that I had approximately T-2.7mins to finish getting ready, I found my FIRST GREY PUBIC HAIR. I thought I was having a heart attack. My body was truly giving up. Mid 30's suddenly felt very close to 60, and I had visions of my teeth in a glass next to my bed and my husband snoring in a rocking chair. Now, admittedly, thanks to superb genetics, the hair on my head has been grey since I was a teenager, but this was a whole new level of ridiculous. I could not believe the apathy and resignation of my body.
    Over time, I have come to accept that one grey hair. Just long enough to have all the hair lasered off so I can pretend it never happened. However, I really feel the gradual loss of my eyebrows is not tolerable on top of this insult. I deserve to have lovely shapely eyebrows that don't require any more of my sacred 36 seconds of makeup-application-time each morning. I may be time poor, but I have standards ;)

  17. PS gave this post a shout out on my blog today :-)

  18. Melissa did such an amazing job the first time that i would love this to go towards getting a touch up in the near future...thinking of going a bit thicker next time!!😀😍🙌

  19. This is such an awesome post and has dissolved all (well most) of the images I conjure up when I think of cosmetic tattoos. They look fab!!! Go you xx

  20. I suffer from over plucking from the 80s and really want to explore this option. It's the pain factor that is probably putting me off the most. Will have to tell all my Newcastle friends about the giveaway. We lived in the hunter before moving to Perth.

  21. They are amazing! I would never have guessed they weren't natural if I'd just seen the after shots!

  22. I run a strong eye brow game! They are thick...(ish)....defined....and groomed.....however I must confess....its all fake!!!! It is fake and it is a bloody lengthy and annoying process! Why do I deserve the $200 you ask??? Because I timed myself this morning and it takes me exactly 4 minutes and 35 seconds to create my eye brow game....4 minutes and 35 seconds and 3 different products that cost a total of $107. That is over 27 hours per year that I spend faking my damn eyebrows! I have two kids and I work full time...I don't have that kind of time. Therefore I ask you....help a sister out to achieve my eyebrow dream! Sincerely: The girl with the strong brow game who is a walking pit of deception.

  23. I saw something about this the other day - so not what I thought it was! The results look great

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  24. How did I not know about this?!? I need this in my life!! I cannot even count the amount of time, effort and money I have wasted looking for products to help me fill out the 'sad little not so hairy ginger caterpillars' that are my eyebrows, not to mention the time it takes to apply it all everyday, aargh! This could make all my eyebrow problems go away, hmm what will I do with all that time I'd save....

  25. OMG I would love to win this I suffer from very little eyebrow hair due to a terrible prank played on me as a teenager (shaved off while I was asleep) and they have never been the same tried to grow them out but they look shocking, I have to draw and fill in the eyebrow pencil everyday and I hate it takes me a good ten minutes every morning to get them to look even and ok I am a busy working mum of two and this would just making getting out the door everyday so much easier please please please pick me 😘

  26. Katie Walters (Katreena)June 25, 2015 at 9:07 AM

    I too have long for years for eyebrow feather tattoo's I have always had sparse, fair eyebrows and then after having my first I was diagnosed with Thryriod problems and have suffered bad hair loss not just my eye brows and head too, and while my hair on my head has good days and grows back my eye brows sadly have never recovered so daily I draw them on and never get them right one always looks better then the other or they wipe off trough out the day. it has left my esteem a little crushed and damaged as Im only 31 and have nice big eyes but sadly nothing nice to frame them. and not to mention the fear of my most loved season, summer - sweat and water activities with the kids I panic and wear big over sized sunglasses and hate to take them off in photos! I have so many reason why I would love this procedure and have looked into in at the clinic with a appointment with Melissa, but sadly 3 kids My wants got put on the back burner or desires for their needs.

  27. Wow! They look amazing and so natural. I was imagining something much less natural when I started reading!

  28. I'm so jealous! They look incredible. I too am blessed with barely there eyebrows it takes me forever everyday to make them look partially good! I'm definitely going to get this treatment done in the future! :)

  29. i had a stove explode in my face and burn all my facial hair off and most of my hair on my head, cue prematurely grey hair and missing brows, i know exactly what you are talking about Jess i think mine look the same if i forget to colour them in

  30. We all know know that pencilled in eyebrows can end up in horrible situations whilst trying to get everyone ready in in the mornings! I would love this to help me avoid getting poked in the eye with an eyebrow pencil due to a two year old swinging off my leg and trying to keep the baby happy by pushing the pram with on hand!
    This is what I probably look like most mornings!