Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Father's Day: What It Means to Me, and Gift Ideas

Father's Day 2015

What to Get Dad? 

Just like last year I've spent a few hours creating a collection of Father's Day gift ideas for you. September 6th is quickly approaching on the calendar. Hopefully this will ease the difficulty in trying to find something that isn't lame, like a tie, or socks, or a wacky novelty book about farts. If you don't see something in this year's list that's sparking any interest then last year's link to gift ideas is here, and will still be relevant today.

1. How about a game of virtual golf? You won't need to buy clubs, rent a cart, or worry about the weather. In Newcastle, a 2 player game at Slice will set you back $60. You may want to  share one of their pizzas while you're at it. Or head over to the Foghorn Brewhouse for some craft beer when you're finished.

2. Don't let your dad be a dag. Why not make his bed a little cooler and cosier with an Aura Home Quilt Cover. Enough style to please mum, with enough masculinity for dad. BAM. You just hit a winner and now you're the favourite child. You're welcome.

3. This really neat and classy Oak Bottle starts at around $60 AUD. What does it do, Peachy? In about 24-48 hour this bottle will infuse your dad's favourite wine or spirit with oak flavour. Watch out - He may just start looking for edwardian chairs and dark wood panelling for his office once he get this gift.

4. I hate WARM beer and chances are so does dad. This Corkcicle beer chiller is valued at around $60 AUD and will take dad's warm beer from warm-piss to thirst-quenching ale in a matter of minutes. And without adding any melted water to his brew like an ice cube would do. Who does that?

5. Two words - Cured Meat. My husband recently came home from the market with some really delicious cured beef from Steph's Gourmet Foods (you can order online and they have free shipping on orders over $45). There's also a new deli in Mayfield, appropriately named Pork Ewe, where you can pick up some delicious cured meats to serve dad on father's day.

6. Coffee time: I found this inventive single serve coffee maker for dad. With one press of a button your dad is only 30 seconds away from a nice hot cup. 

7. This classy men's watch will set you back around $55AUD. Your dad will never be late again. HA! Keep dreaming. 

8. Give your dad a break from all the screams of his grandchildren with these retro Panasonic headphones, retailing for around $99AUD

9. Fahrenheit Cologne is one of my favourite colognes ever. It's such an old 90's classic. Go smell it. I promise you will want every man in your life to smell like this, including dad.
Hot tip: I recently used FragranceX to buy some perfume and they were super speedy when it came to posting the fragrance to me.

10. Settlers of Catan - Board Game: This used to be really difficult and expensive to get ahold of in Australia. But the prices have come down quite a lot and there are far more places to purchase it than 10 years ago. It is by far our most favourite game board game to play. If your dad's into strategising or trading wheat then get him this! The last one I purchased for a great price was on Oz Games Shop but you can also buy it at Toys R Us.

11. I recently purchased the video game Battlefield Hardline for my husband, as a gift for finishing another year of study. He's been up late playing this on his Playstation. It's available for PS3, PS4, XBOX ONE and XBOX 360. It's had great reviews.

What father's day means to me?
Father's day to me is pretty special because I don't have a dad. I spent many teenage years trying to fill that gap with other men I looked up to, like my youth pastor and a few close family friends. I do have a biological dad - yes; a man who physically and mentally abused me while I was growing up. He neglected me, and wasn't there when I needed him most, which ironically was probably the times he was abusing me. He is a man I cannot respect or celebrate, but who's lack of "dad" makes me want to spoil the great dads in my life that little bit more.  I'm so grateful for the men in my life then who showed me what being a dad was really about. They taught me what to look for in a spouse.

Yup, father's day is a BIG deal to me. I now have a man in my life who is an excellent dad to his son. He works and studies like a mad-man but always makes time for us. His priorities are in the right place, and he makes that small amount of time he has so quality by fully involving himself in those precious moments together. By being present.
The other reason I now have to celebrate father's day is my father in-law, John. He's been parenting all 11 of his kids, and their partners for 34 years now. I know my husband is mirroring a lot of what John taught him. These two men in my life always show up and can be counted on. I honour and celebrate them.

Who are you celebrating this father's day? It may be an uncle or grandfather who stepped up to the plate, or it may be your own dad. I encourage you to let them know what they mean to you this father's day, and celebrate the men in your life who show up to fatherhood!

*This post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are my own and passed on to you with lot's of love and consideration. 

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