Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Holy Frico! My Cheesiest Post Ever

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There are people out there who would turn down cheese to review but not me. When I was asked to write about it my response was "I LOVE CHEESE!" If there was ever a food I had trouble saying no to, it would be cheese. And you know that's true if you read my blog regularly because my husband and I have been pretty committed to eating paleo about 70% of the time since February. That means no cheese. But I can unashamedly say that when the Dutch Frico cheese gods came knocking I swung wide my mortal gates and ushered them in with the over exuberance of  a von Trapp child singing "These are a few of my favourite things..." Why wouldn't you trust the cheese gods who have been making this stuff from Frisian cows since 1898.

I was given 5 different Frico cheeses to enjoy. I added the gouda to my scrambled eggs one morning because it's supposed to be the perfect melting cheese. It didn't disappoint. I started by sautéing some mushrooms in olive oil then added some fresh garlic and chives to the pan for about a minute. I then threw in some eggs, and baby spinach. Then topped it off with grated gouda, and the result was creamy and smooth, compared to the sharp cheddar I sometimes use when my husband is just begging for scrambled eggs.

The last job I had before I became a mum was my favourite place to work ever. The girls there were so much fun, and we had a really generous boss. I didn't know a happy workplace existed before then. I guess that explains why over two years after leaving I'd still want to have four of those funny ladies over for a ridiculously classy evening of cheese and wine.

See, I can be classy sometimes. Am I right, ladies? The round cheese you see before you is smoked cheese. I have never been a smoked cheese fan because my logic is this: Why would you want a cheese that tastes exactly like smoked ham when you can just eat smoked ham. But my bestie came over to finish off the remnants a few nights later and I suddenly understood why it was created. It's for all the people with pig-less diets. I'm looking at you vegetarians. OK, that's not totally true because all the meat eaters at the wine evening of debauchery loved it. It was just me.

How freaking cool is that cheese in front of you with the toothpicks sticking out of it, like high-rises in a big cheese city. That one is called Gouda Spiced Cumin and it's amaze-balls. I loved the spicy flavour and didn't think it was overwhelming at all.

The pink cheese you see in front of you is actually smoked salmon. Stop being an idiot. And let's get serious about the Chevrette goat cheese. You can't really see it very well in this picture. It's kinda sitting on the back left of this cheese city, next to the awesome red pepper (capsicum) jam. What an awesome combination that was, and by far my favourite of all the cheeses. Goat cheese is usually my favourite cheese, but I'd never tried a hard one. It was hard, and I got hard, and then I finished when I added the jam. Oh man. Who needs a man?

Random - Want to see goats screaming like humans. Watch this:

Here's another mini cheese spread I made up to have when my toddler finally shut-up and went to bed for the night. A little stay-at-home date night with my husband. Perfect!

WTF is this?
I debated sharing this photo because it's REALLY, really difficult to make macaroni and cheese look hot and sexy. I'm sorry those breadcrumbs aren't doing anything for you. Especially because plating-up is not my speciality. I won't pretend this looks awesome but you need to know I made it with homemade macaroni noodles, and used Maasdam in it, which is a sweet and nutty cheese that you can also use in salads, sandwiches or cheese fondue. My vegetarian brother-in-law loved it so much that he took half of it home and is still somewhere licking the casserole dish. Michael, if you're reading this - I really want my Corningware back. 

Get your Frico on by heading to your local Woolies.

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