Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Impossible Market Newcastle

 Last night my friend Phoebe and I headed to the launch of The Impossible market. The market is located in the hip, industrial and laid back restaurant that is The Edwards. This bold and dynamic shopping experience is like no other seen in Newcastle. The venue is divided in two, with the markets on the warehouse side and the restaurant on the other, but there's an easy flow from one to the other.

One of the reasons the market flowed so well into the restaurant was the special market menu on offer, served in hawker style boxes. Last night the menu ranged from a 7 hour spit roasted lamb to Belgian waffles oozing with nutella and cream. I could not resist their waffles. They were the perfect 8pm treat.


 There were $8 specials on these two market cocktails. Phoebe drank The Thinker, while I sipped on the Dreamer.


Blackwood Botanicals  were selling so many little lovelies along side Good Grief Ceramics. Check out their website because my photos won't do them justice.

Kate from Hush Rumble and her dreamy, playful cushions.

 Annie Everingham was displaying her beautiful art collection

 Raw Luxe Interiors with their lush succulents sitting in these cool concrete planters

 Loved these throws by Woolen Collective. I caught Janey eating her salad from an icecream bucket and we were having a laugh about it when I took this!

 Roger and Peach had super cute jewellery, and sweet clothes. 

 Gorgeous flowers by Rosehip Floral Design 

 I was so happy to finally meet Mel from Houten Plank. She had to give me the photo below because I could just not get a good photo of her cool wooden chopping boards after I'd had a bottle of wine and a cocktail under my belt. I'm lucky any of these photos turned out as I did not have a steady hand last night. Good times.
Image Credit for this one to Michelle Coghlan @littlekitephotography

 Soy by Hand makes incredible smelling candles. Whoa, guys - There was one that smelled like a sexy man, and I just wanted to take it to bed with me. Just being honest.

 High Swan Dive - I cannot walk past a cactus with out letting it know just how cute and prickly it is. Sophie must have thought I was crazy. Okay, I didn't really sweet talk the cacti but would you really blame me if I did?

Now you get to meet my lovely, creative, sweet, and driven friend Bec Stern (wearing a floral crown by Rosehip  Floral Design). She's the one behind this new market. She has been so inspired by the community of creatives and makers in Newcastle; and the impulsive force that has each of them willing to jump out of their comfort zones and try something new and daring; that boldness of going forward with their dreams, of making and creating, despite the risk. - That is what makes her want to do The Impossible

Bec is also the woman behind House of Bec . You have to check out what she's creating too.

The Impossible Market will be held on the Second Sunday of each month, from 5pm to 9pm. Each Market will have an ever-changing line-up of pop-up shops, with monthly themes. Next month's theme will be Spring and you'll see Movember in November. Bet you can't guess what's in store for December.

Did you need another reason to visit Newcastle? It's getting better by the day. 

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