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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Shannon, who blogs at My 2 Morrows, nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award a couple weeks ago. She's always leaving me genuine and caring comments. She writes on her lifestyle blog about her two kids, travel and other life stuff. She even has a cool section called Love Want Need where, you guessed it, she lists and collages all three of her loves, wants and needs. She's given me a list of questions to answer about myself. I thought it would be a stinking great opportunity for some of my readers who don't know me all that well to just fall head over heels for me and my salaciousness.  Truthfully - I'm not too salacious I just never get to use that word. How freaking good is it?  Salacious. Mmmm. Yum.

1. How did you meet your significant other? 

I was only 20 when I moved to Australia in 2002 arriving here from Canada to do a Christian missionary training course because I grew up in a missionary family. Long story short, it ended up being very cult-like. But Dave ended up becoming one of my best friend's so that's a huge positive to come out of such a messed up place. We all lived commune style housing so we got to see each other at our ugliest and loveliest. After four years my husband got out of the cult. One night I called him crying for help; I was so confused by the control and spiritual abuse I was experiencing. He asked me a lot of questions about why I was there and what made me stay. He had me use my critical thinking again, something that had really been stripped away over the 3 years I was in there. After that conversation Dave got the big feelings for me and started seeing me in a whole new way. Hubba, hubba. But I left for Canada 2 weeks after he told me how he felt, so it took quite a bit of emailing and phone calling to bring me onside with the idea of dating one of my best friends. I think this one deserves it's own post. Whoops. Yeah well, you try summing up cult life. F*cked

Our wedding in 2006 - Photo by Peter Leslie

2. How do you find joy? 
I guess I learned years ago that happiness and joy are not the same thing, although they often go hand in hand. For me finding joy is something that can be done in even the darkest of moments of my life. Like feeling exceptionally sleep deprived and down but being able to look at my son and feel like my heart will burst because of how lovely he is. Or laughing hysterically with my friends when we are sharing the really hard and sad moments of our lives. We always find a way to twist it into funny. We have been known to laugh through (sad) tears. I often find joy at my weakest. 

My boys wearing matching clothes gives me lots of joy. 

3. Your earliest childhood memory is ...
Playing in the yard with my little sister Vanessa in Guayaquil, Ecuador. We'd catch beautiful butterflies and set them free in our lounge room. We'd build fortresses for the neighbourhood frogs. Swinging next to the banana tree. The big old printing press in our back yard that my dad used as his workshop. Cramming into the VW bug's boot with my little sister on the way home from church and feeling the ugly hairy bits of material sticking to me in the tropical heat. Our two macaw parrots who could copy my dad's voice and send my oldest sister and mum running, thinking dad had called them - "Char! Mar! Char! Mar!"

                                        Check out that missionary kid mullet I was rocking

4. What’s the biggest misconception people assume about you? 
I've had several times in my life where older people thought I was the instigator, bad influencer or rebel in a situation. But it was usually the friend I was with who was that character. I really was a goody, goody but because I'm extremely cheeky and loud I drew the negative attention. I think the other misconception would be that I have a lot of sex because I talk about sex a lot. HA! Fooled everyone.

5. What does your ideal day look like?
Most definitely a holiday-day involving an adventure with perfect weather, either hot or cold. Of course I have a toddler now so he's kinda made my ideal day very different from what it used to be. Today's ideal day is one where the laundry is done, my toddler is not sick, doesn't tantrum, eats everything I offer (and worked so hard to make), stays relatively clean, doesn't mess the house, and plays well on his own while I get to pee alone (perhaps while drinking a really nice red).

One of my ideal days back in 2011. Sailing through Bay of Islands in NZ with my husband 

Another ideal day in Whistler, Canada at -11c degrees. Where we stayed in log cabin (mansion) for free, snowboarded for free, and drank beer that had been sitting in that snow bank on the right while hot-tubbing.

6. My most successful post to date: An Open Letter to My Son's Paediatrician
Any post on new parenting that I've done but this one was by far my most successful in terms of views, comments and private messages.  

7. Your proudest moment: I made a human. Gosh, here I go with cheesy and cliche but I'm a mum now so I just keep having so many times where I am proud of my son. I'm going to make sure he always knows it too.

8. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
I still haven't figured all of that out. I keep having ideas but so much focus over the last 10 years has been on putting my husband through University and CFA. I think if I'd grown up in a family that promoted University as an option then things would have ended up quite differently for me - but I never would have met my husband, and probably wouldn't be living in Australia. I always wanted to be a mum deep down, and I'm doing that. I get to stay home with him too, and I don't take that for granted. One day it will be my turn to pursue some dreams but right now it's keeping my family whole and happy (don't puke as I go cheeseballs).

9. 3 things you are and 3 things you are not:
I am emotionally intelligent
I am very grateful and try to let people know they are appreciated whenever possible
I am a singer - with no where to perform these days but my son's bedroom and my shower
I am not a victim of my father's abuse anymore
I am not a friend who manipulates (unless we are playing board games)
I am not my mother although I sometimes hear her voice when I get angry or upset

10. The best thing about blogging is:
Oh there's more than one. But definitely the community of bloggers I've become a part of. I was not expecting that at all. I only read a couple of blogs when I started and now I read and love many blogs. In the beginning I was just wanting a place to be creative with my writing and cooking and have an outlet for things  going on in my life, as well as an identity other than "mum." 

The 10 super-sister bloggers I'm nominating are

Dawn from Kangaroo Spotting
Amy from Handbag Mafia
Melissa from Hugzilla Blog
Lauren from Create Bake Make
Karin from Calm to Conniption
Janet from Middle Aged Mama
Jody from Six Little Hearts
Lauren from The Thud

And because I'm extremely tired and it's really late - my questions for you bloggers are (surprise, surprise) the same as the ones Shannon asked me. 

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