Friday, November 27, 2015

Myer Giftorium in Pictures

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Melissa from Hugzilla Blog, Christie from Kids Business and Maraya from Stuff Mums Like
After a cancelled flight from Melbourne I finally made it to Sydney. Can you tell I didn't fall asleep until 2 am? My husband joined me there from Newcastle, without out our toddler. We made a weekend of it by going to see the Musical Cats. We were also invited along to the Christmas opening of the Myer Giftorium.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

5 Pregnant Fantasies vs Parenting Reality

Every newly expecting mum has done it - imagined their future with their baby, and what it would look like, and what they would do when the baby finally arrived. It's only natural to have those desires and dreams. Some of us even need those dreams to cling to so we can get through a difficult pregnancy, repeatedly telling ourselves that all the human-making will be worth it in the end.
Often the reality of what becoming a first time mum looks like varies drastically from the image we had in our heads.
I like to call this First Time-Mum Delusion.

5 Things Pregnant Women Romanticise Versus the Reality of Motherhood

1. Baby Massage: Images of your future little baby's gurgling and smiling face dance in your head, and you romanticise about all the time you'll spend massaging your baby's chubby little limbs. You'll rub your pregnant belly and think about how bonded you'll become in those delightful moments. They'll coo and giggle as you rub their tummy, and curl their toes and smile when you gently caress their feet.

Reality: You finish breast feeding then pumping, and pop another pill for your mastitis. Dinner was half-hazardly cooked and you hope your husband won't notice you ran out of capsicum pepper for the fajitas (a main ingredient that you substituted with green beans, but who cares).  You fill baby's bath, and check the temperature 3 times to make sure it's not too hot. Checking once would have been enough but you're too f*cking tired to remember if you already checked the temperature already so you do it again. And again. You get the baby in there. Things are going smoothly until baby poops in the tub. You can't think straight, remember? So you end up grabbing for the poo with one hand and picking up the baby with the other. Realising you have a hand full of poo you turn to the toilet as quick as you can, because you now know what it's like to try and push poo through the drain of the bath tub from that last time this happened. You do a one hand wash, then grab the shower head and check the temperature of the water. You hose your baby off. You finally get to the change table, and baby pees all over the change table cover you just washed the day before. Baby in one arm and baby wipes in the other, you scramble to clean the change table before you clean the baby. Ahhhh. Finally time for baby massage. You start by grabbing your organic, fair trade lavender-jojoba baby massage oil (that cost $1 a drop), only to have your baby kick it out of your hands and all over the dresser. You scoop as much as you can back into the bottle and try not to be sweary. You promise yourself you will try again tomorrow, only to discover they hate being rubbed. The gig is up. They beg you to stop the massage by screaming until you give in and give them what they really want. More bitty.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Forty Wanks - The Tale of a Bloody Mattress

Mattress shopping is such a novelty to me. I'm a gal whose father found her a mattress outside the back of an Old Folk's home. It was ready for its final resting place at the local dump, and not in the room I shared with 3 sisters. So when we recently moved my two year old from a cot (crib) to his big boy bed I was extraordinarily excited to find him a mattress free of old people smell, stains, and broken springs. Of course, we foolishly thought we could go mattress shopping with him, chasing him up the highest loft bed he could find in the shop. We took turns wrangling him and succeeded in purchasing a mattress. We reached an anti-climax when we were told it would take one to two weeks for the new mattress to come in and discovered we would need to go pick it up from a store that was further away. We were a little disappointed because we had wanted to purchase the mattress on the spot and set the bed up that day, but we settled on delayed gratification.

We have been really struggling to have time in our house. Time together as a family. Renovation time. Couple time. Me time. Sleep time. Like many families, we have been feeling extra maxed out and drained and have been struggling to cope from months of illness. Most of my husband's time has been spent on our reno's (when he's not at work). That means the pressure on me, to be with our child 6.5 days of the week, has been enormous, and I've been desperate for a break. DESPERATE.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

4 Ways to Be in Style With Your "Go-To" Pieces


Whether you love to stay on trend, make your own style, or you think you have no style it's always good to have "go-to" or "basic" pieces. The ones you know you love and look good in. I guess I fall between following the trends and making my own style. But what I love the most is going out the door feeling like I'm making a statement with what I wear. Sometimes it can be the whole outfit, sometimes it can be the shoes accessories, or the shade of lipstick I wear. But always making sure they make me feel like ME. I want to share with you some of my "go-to" pieces in hopes you can come up with your own.

Four of my go-tos: how I take them from day to night

1. Ripped Jeans:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hallow-mean Is For The Haters

Hallow-mean: A word I coined to describe the mean things (some) Australians say about Halloween that are mostly baseless and have a bit of Ebenezer Scrooge to them. Every year of the thirteen years I've been here I hear some horrible things said about this really fun holiday. I'm sure there's enough material out there for someone other than Charles Dickens (God rest his soul) to write an Aussie prequel to A Christmas Carol, entitled A Halloween Pumpkin. (I better copyright that title before you do, because it's one of the better ideas I've ever had).

So what is it about Halloween that has some Aussies twisting their knickers and firing off bah-humbug sentiments? Short answer: America, and strangers.