Friday, November 27, 2015

Myer Giftorium in Pictures

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Melissa from Hugzilla Blog, Christie from Kids Business and Maraya from Stuff Mums Like
After a cancelled flight from Melbourne I finally made it to Sydney. Can you tell I didn't fall asleep until 2 am? My husband joined me there from Newcastle, without out our toddler. We made a weekend of it by going to see the Musical Cats. We were also invited along to the Christmas opening of the Myer Giftorium.

After an extreme amount of effort, (and I'm not saying I carried her), myself and a couple other bloggers convinced Melissa from Hugzilla to come as well. So glad to see this sarcastic, potty mouthed, sweetheart! She was more stoked than any of us to get her name on a jar of Nutella. 

Personalised: One for me and one for Charlie. Of course he can't read. It's just another excuse to eat more chocolate spread, alright!

AWKWARD! Nothing weird about my husband taking a photo of me and Kris Smith; only the man I sexy dream about. It's all good.
Kris, over there looking at me ...while I'm looking at you. I see you, baby.

Ahhh, back to reality. My husband found the old school arcade games, and Atari!

My Bff has one of the biggest personal collections of these tiny people Christmas villages I've ever seen. Of course I bought her this adorable tiny family, loading their christmas tree on their station wagon. So sweet.

Absolutely loved these note pads as stocking stuffers!

A ride through Santa's mouth? Yes please!

Personalised Little Miss and Charlie Brown Prints

Bought this: My son is bubble and helicopter obsessed. What could be better than the combination of both.

Mum guilt: leaving my son for 4 nights, the longest I've been away from him. I bought him this little tow truck that plays music. It goes in reverse as well as forward and makes tow-truck noises. It's been getting a daily work out ever since.

Have you been to the Giftorium?

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