Wednesday, December 23, 2015

PKM Does The Sound of Music

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Theatre photography © 2015 Dip/Cos by James Morgan 

This past Sunday I was given the opportunity to see The Sound of Music on the Capitol Theatre stage in Sydney; featuring Amy Lehpamer as Maria, and Cameron Daddo as Captain Von Trapp.

I may have been just a tad excited about seeing the Von Trapps live...

This of course meant a date night. Dave and I went out to this great  authentic spanish tapas place called Casa Asturiana within walking distance of the theatre.  It was$46 for a share plate and we had the best meatballs ever. 
 Who do I run into as soon as we walk into the theatre?  Fellow blogger Kylie Pyrtrell. So nice to finally meet her.
Growing up I found comfort in the parallels between my life and the lives of the Von Trapps. I grew up in a family of 8 children and the Von Trapp's had 7. They were home schooled and so were most of us. Our best friends during that period were each other. Also like the Von Trapp girls, I have 4 sisters. and we all sing. My sisters and I used to perform in front of our church. Forced, mostly, by our dad before his sermons. Although our dad wasn't military, like Captain Von Trapp from the Sound of Music, he ran his home like we were the army of the Lord. I'm surprised he didn't use a freaking whistle  to call us too.

Because he was so intense about his religion we weren't allowed many secular pleasures, like New Kids on the Block (because it was rock and roll therefore evil),  most TV shows like Care Bears or The Smurfs. (Dad believed The Smurfs were only successful because the creator prayed to Satan, ha ha). One of the few movies we were allowed to watch was The Sound of Music. We watched with vigour, and sang along like our hearts would explode. Imagine how nostalgiac this show made me.

The cast sang unforgettable songs like Do-Re-Me, Climb Every Mountain,  The Lonely Goatherd (which was hilarious and adorable),  Sixteen Going on Seventeen (I used to dream I was Leisil falling in love). Of course they sang our other favourites too, all accompanied by a live orchestra, playing Rogers and Hammerstein's unforgettable score.

It was a dream come true to be invited to watch the London Palladium's Critically acclaimed performance of the Sound of Music.  I found myself  sitting in the show and trying to have self control...

"Jess, people did not pay to hear you sing along!"

I can't wait to take our son when he's a little bit older because Sound of Music is perfect for families.  Well it's perfect for most ages, just not my toddler (I can just imagine him trying to run onstage to be part of the goatherd)! 
The Sound of Muisc will be heading to Melbourne, Adelaide and Melbourne soon  so check the link at the top for tour dates.

I leave you with another incredible photo of me acting out "The Hills Are Alive."
Such a treat for my readers, I know.

The End

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