Monday, February 1, 2016

How Not To Be An Asshole at a Theatrical Performance

Photo by Simone De Peak

Recently I went to Cirque Du Soleil for my husband's birthday. I'm really clever alright, 'cause I bought him a ticket as a gift; and because I'm such a good wife and didn't want him to go alone I also had to buy one for myself. I'm super thoughtful like that.

The show was at Newcastle Entertainment Centre which, by the way, I've officially vowed never to go to again unless it's for a rodeo or a Food and Wine expo. I've never been to either, it just seems the crappy state of the art stadium would be better suited to those events than a world class performance like CDS. The seats in NEC are the absolute worst! They are grooved on the sides, digging into your butt-cheeks. Honestly, your butt needs to be the size of a small baboon to be even remotely comfortable.