Monday, April 11, 2016

Does Spending $7450 a Year Make Me High Maintenance?

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I put a strain on my family's finances. I know I do. I want to live and maintain a certain lifestyle, and that means big money needs to be spent on me. I demand it. I need it. I cannot go without it. I'm hard work. 

Every year we spend a butt-load on my health. Ever since I was a passenger in 4 car accidents in 1999-2000 I have been riddled with chronic pain due to soft tissue damage. What started just in my back has now spread to almost every place in my body. (Please make sure you read that word "passenger" because I'm not the world's worst driver). I am, however, my chiropractor's bread and butter, and probably that nice craft beer he drinks on a Friday night. I see him once every 4 weeks if I'm doing okay, and once every 2 weeks if I'm not.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DREAM LOVER: The Bobby Darin Musical + Tickets Giveaway

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Photo by Brian Geach

I arrived at Sydney’s Lyric Theatre on Monday night with my friend Courtney, after receiving an invitation for the Preview of the musical  Dream Lover. The theatre is located near Darling Harbour, and is off to the side of the very impressive Star Casino. There is a beautiful view, from the Lyric Theatre's gorgeous balcony, of the waterfront and famous city skyline.