Monday, April 11, 2016

Does Spending $7450 a Year Make Me High Maintenance?

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I put a strain on my family's finances. I know I do. I want to live and maintain a certain lifestyle, and that means big money needs to be spent on me. I demand it. I need it. I cannot go without it. I'm hard work. 

Every year we spend a butt-load on my health. Ever since I was a passenger in 4 car accidents in 1999-2000 I have been riddled with chronic pain due to soft tissue damage. What started just in my back has now spread to almost every place in my body. (Please make sure you read that word "passenger" because I'm not the world's worst driver). I am, however, my chiropractor's bread and butter, and probably that nice craft beer he drinks on a Friday night. I see him once every 4 weeks if I'm doing okay, and once every 2 weeks if I'm not.

I also spend a lot on my remedial massage therapy. Before you go saying "Oh that's so nice that you get monthly massages." Yes, it is. But listen, it's also f*cking hell.

 I grip the table like I'm trying to catch myself from falling off a boat, while flailing like a fish with a hook in my back!

I hurt everywhere, with only a couple of exceptions but don't go there. Let's be professional and shit cause these massages don't come with a happy ending.

I also have my Osteopath appointments which are far more seldom these days, but I swear by them. That is what works when chiro and massage don't. These treatments keep me leading the life I want to lead. They keep me exercising, being an active part of my toddler's life, having a love life with my husband, and doing all that domestic stuff I have to do at home. Without these treatments even washing the dishes can become unbearable. I don't want to be stuck in my bed, sleeping the days away because being awake equals intense pain. I've been there when I was single and penniless, and didn't have health cover. So yeah, I'm high maintenance, but that's just so my family and I can get on with the life we want to lead.

So here's the part where you get to sticky beak at what it's costing us to live better:

Over the last year we would have spent $2565.95 on these health "extras," including dental and my updated prescription sunglasses (-F*cking Prada, bitches. How good is that?And I'm not even a material girl). My private health insurance covered $1453.57 of those extras.

Then there was my expensive ovarian cyst. That surgery came up completely unexpectedly, costing a complete total of $4883.29, including biopsy and theatre.

I totally forgot to shave before surgery. Awkward.  (Image Credit)

Now couple my expenses with those of my husband and son, and our family has racked up a bill of $9088.35 in medical expenses this *past year alone, and that's not from anything remotely serious or life threatening.

Out of that, our health insurance has paid out a whopping $7423.61.

We pay $3500 for our family's health insurance per year.  If you deduct how much we paid from the amount covered you're left with $3,949.24.  And I see that as a massive gain and win for our family.
That's why we believe in having private health for our family. It's protection from the expected and unexpected health issues that will come your families way.

My husband did heaps of research before choosing a health insurer but he's a freaking financial planner. What do you expect? There is a much easier way for you to compare private health insurers that doesn't mean getting a degree in commerce, and that's by using the free service at Compare the Market. 

If you don't hear from me for awhile it's because I'm off to begin my career in telemarketing. I'm so convincing, right?

*Fees taken from February 2015 to February 2016

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